Geekerella – Ashley Poston (Advance Reading Copy – expected publication date 4.4.17)

Geekerella_72dpiI am definitely not the target audience for this book. The cover screams YA teenange/tweenage ‘chick lit’ (I can’t say I’m a fan of that term, but it kind of just jumped out at me from the cover image, sorry!). And so, I started out reading it thinking it seemed like a book I already had an audience in mind for. It seemed like a book I could hope to read and then be able to recommend to certain children. In short, I in no way expected to like this book myself anywhere near as much as I actually did. It felt slightly odd in fact, just how much I enjoyed this.

Essentially, I wasn’t far off the mark in expecting it to be a book that would suit certain children I have taught. There are certain types of children that could find it to be very relatable. The book is also current, quirky and geeky in all the right ways. The surprise in this book for me was how much I enjoyed it myself!

‘Geekerella’ centres around two different narrators, both of whom are outsiders, and both of whom relate mainly with the characters of a fictional sci-fi show named ‘Starfield’. In a nice sort of circular way, this is a book that will quite likely speak to its audience in the same way their fictional show speaks to the characters within it. It’s nice to read a book for younger people which makes it clear it is OK to be geeky or different (I could have done with that kind of book myself as a teenager!).

The narrative is pretty clear from the off. Don’t expect massive shock twists. You know Cinderella, you probably know there’s already a lot of similar stories that follow this formula, so you already know what to expect. Where ‘Geekerella’ differs and ensures it stands out enough is in its use of fandoms and cultural references that never fail to raise a smile to the reader. As I expected, I will be recommending this to some of the children I have taught, but I might be recommending it to a slightly larger audience than I had initially expected.

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