Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life – James Patterson

9798177.jpgThere’s a poster for this series of books on the wall outside my classroom. I pass it everyday yet I’d never read any of them (I teach Y1 and these are obviously aimed at a few years higher).

However, a Y4 child asked me which one was my favourite and I had to admit that despite them basically being advertised on my classroom, that I’d not actually read any of them. They were shocked as apparently these books a ‘so funny!’. Decided I should probably get around to reading at least one of them.

The first few pages made me feel a little awkward. I kind of felt like the writer was just trying way too hard to be cool/clever here and it just didn’t always feel realistic because of this. After a while though, and helped along by the fantastic illustrations, I found I’d quite happily bought into the story and the narrator of it. In fact, I quite forgot that I wasn’t 9 anymore and found myself speeding through this in the same happy manner I read ‘Adrian Mole’ books back when I was around that age bracket.

I can completely see how this would appeal to ages 7-13(ish) as it is humorous but has elements of thought provoking sidesteps.

I can now say that I have read the first one, I will likely read more, and that I am happy these books are advertised outside my classroom.

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