Super Stan – Matt Robertson

29767222Read this with my year 1 class. It proved very popular. The pictures are very bright an packed with colour. The book has some funny moments children can enjoy and one of their favourite things is getting the chance to join in with screams/shouts as we read together, this fulfilled that requirement.

Select quotes from my class:

‘This is the best book we’ve read this year’
‘I liked it when the baby had a fight and beat a lion!’
‘You can learn a lot about being a brother and that you shouldn’t race cheetahs or lions if you don’t have super powers’

As always, we review by a thumbs up, sideways or down system. This received 27 thumbs up and 3 sideways out of 30. This makes it the second most popular book with my class so far this year. As such, I can thoroughly recommend it.

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