These Dividing Walls – Fran Cooper

This is a lovely quick read character study novella.

These Dividing WallsThere isn’t a mass amount of plot here, but there is a lot of depth packed in to a little space. Just like in the building it describes I suppose. I quite like character studies so I was already likely to enjoy this. If anything, I would suggest it could have delved deeper into some of the feelings of loss experienced by the central characters.

This book is contemporary in its staging and has a very left wing progressive political viewpoint with it. I am open to books offering political stances during the modern era, politics is everywhere and changing constantly (and nowhere less so than in Paris), so it makes sense it should feature in this story. This book does, however, at times sway towards the shout it in your face method of political diatribe which can be a little much.

The brevity of this book means that it is enough of a quick read that it still very much feels like it is worth your while and it is this, that makes this a book I will still recommend.

**I have to end this review with an apology. I was given an ARC of this book to review and I honestly forgot all about it until I recently saw it on sale in Waterstones. – Sorry!**

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