The Dam Keeper – Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi

This is a short but sweet graphic novel which is a follow up to an animated short from a few years ago. This story furthecover106000-medium.pngrs the adventures of the characters of Fox and Pig and sees them growing up a little with Pig reflecting on traumatic events of the past.

The artistic style here, as with the animated short, is interesting in that it kind of looks like a developmental piece that has been brought to life. I found the images were interesting enough for me to complete the book even when the narrative didn’t have much development.

This book could certainly be used in schools as it has a lot of elements that could be useful in class. The narrative focuses on friendship, growth, development and coping with loss while the artwork is an interesting style and one children would enjoy trying to emulate in their own work.

(Based on an ARC)

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