Sometimes I Feel Sad – Tom Alexander (Due to be published 21.3.18)

51pv4TOduFL._AC_US218_I loved this book for the direct and simple way it tackled a potentially tricky subject matter. Every child needs to be aware that feeling is sad is normal, common and that when they feel that way they are not alone. This book allows children to see a character who might feel like them and one they can relate to especially in showing that their sadness can vary and is not always easily fixed.

What I loved about the simplicity of the illustrations here is that they allowed for emotion to be shown in expressions without the need for a complicated backdrop. The type of illustration here could be particularly useful for working with children in that it is a style they could easily replicate. The real positive to having illustrations like these is that you could have children replicate them to draw their own emotions, or how they want things to be. Because the text is simple it would be useful for children to edit or utilise for their own writing prompts from age 5 and higher up in school the images could be replicated digitally by children who could create their own comics or animations based on this.

This book should be in every classroom and be part of every teacher’s go to lessons/schemes of work when covering mental health issues, depression, or any kind of sadness in a child’s life.

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