The Coral Kingdom – Laura Knowles

CoralKingdomThis is a timely publication with the current level of interest there is in ocean conservation and hits the right marks in the discussion points at the end of the book which could be explored further with children. This makes this book an ideal jumping off point if you were looking to do a topic or study into recycling or the environment. This would be an excellent book choice for younger children if a school wanted to introduce a green/environmental focus to their setting.

In terms of the story and illustrations, ‘The Coral Kingdom’ would certainly appeal to younger children with bright and vibrant pictures throughout that would immediately bring to mind films like ‘Finding Nemo’ and help make this a comfortable and familiar setting for young readers. This would also be a good starting point or prompt for some independent writing with an easy to follow rhythm to the text which could allow schemes such as ‘Talk for Writing’ to be followed to help children produce their own writing.

I love finding books like this which could so easily be adapted as a writing prompt or a topic starting point. Definitely one to add to any Early Years classroom or young reader’s book collection.

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