Tiny Fox and Great Boar – Berenika Kolomycka

This is a really charming little picture book. The illustrations are all cute and a little quirky.

The actual story being told here is a little basic but it does still have a nice underlying tale of unusual but enduring friendship. There’s a little lesson for younger children in there about getting along and appreciating one another which is all fine.

The reason this book gets a four star rating is for the artwork it could inspire in children. This could easily be used to generate paintings for use when teaching a whole range of topics. I would use this book as a jumping off point for teaching painting and colour mixing techniques for reception/year 1, seasons, friendships (SEAL type learning), animals and habitats or as a story board to inspire children’s own writing.

Any book for children that is so easily adaptable for teaching is a good book by my ratings. The fact that this one happens to feature some cute little critters is just a bonus.

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