Audrey the Amazing Inventor – Rachel Valentine (Due to be published 21.6.18)

Taken purely on face value this is a nice little story about a young child who wants to be an inventor.Audrey.png The illustrations are all nice enough but the narrative and pictures aren’t really enough to make this stand out on their own.

The reason I would recommend this book over many others however is that it serves an important role in promoting a lot of great values children can learn from at an early age.

In the first instance, this book features a girl (Audrey) aspiring to be an inventor and as such immediately stands out as a way to help normalise a view of gender equality is STEM areas of study. Secondly, when Audrey encounters difficulties, she never stops trying. So straight away we have a book focusing on perseverance and breaking down gender barriers.  Add to this the fact that Audrey appears to come from a single parent family and that she delivers the kind of humour that would appeal to children aged 4-7 years old and what we have here is a perfect little picture  book for an early years or KS1 classroom.

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