Georgia O’Keeffe (Little People, Big Dreams) – María Isabel Sánchez Vegara (Due to be published 7.6.18)

Georgia O'Keeffe.jpgI have said in previous reviews that I am a fan of this little series of books and not only is this book no exception to that, but I think it might be the best of the series.

This is an excellent introduction to another potentially inspirational female historical figure. The images in this book are perfect in their colouring and style, especially the use of black and white for the city to contrast the colours of nature.

This book could serve a range of purposes working as; an introduction to this particular artist, an addition to nature topics, working on topics relating to colour mixing in art, or looking closer at the things around us. There is an element of biology which can be covered through introducing the idea that we can miss the smaller things like cell structure by only looking at the big picture. I like the amount that can be covered from this one book and can see a range of topics leaping from the page immediately. Add to this that it is only one of a whole series of books like it and you get an idea as to why this is such a great little range.

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