Harriet Tubman (Little People, Big Dreams) – María Isabel Sánchez Vegara (Due to be published 5.6.18)

Harriet TubmanI love both the premise and the delivery of this series of books. The whole series of ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ books should be a staple of all primary/elementary schools. This is a really accessible introduction to historical figures.

Each book seems to be a good length and an excellent introduction to important figures from history pitched perfectly for young readers. There’s just enough information here to peak a young readers interest without overwhelming them. These books would serve as an excellent introductory piece for a topic or as a good framework for children to write their own non-fiction texts.

As for this specific book, I found it a decent introduction to Harriet Tubman and would use this if I wanted to introduce this subject area in class. I don’t think this is the standout title in the series but it adds some depth and ensures the inclusion of an area which is rarely looked at in UK schools.

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