Idle Days – Thomas Desaulniers-Brousseau (Due to be published 14.8.18)

Idle DaysI love the cover art for this book. It sets up for a dark graphic novel perfectly. It is also interesting to have a world war piece set in Canada rather than the more common European settings.

Unfortunately, that is about all that I liked about this book. The art work throughout feels lazy and muddies the clarity of the narrative to a point where it becomes difficult to maintain interest. A lot of the story is told through pictures alone, in some graphic novels this can be really powerful, but when the artwork isn’t clear enough to carry a story, it just becomes a jumpy mess. What actual dialogue there is in this book is often unrealistic and frequently slows the pace of the story to a complete halt.
In case anyone doubts the slow pace of story telling here, there are whole pages like this…CaptureAnd that isn’t even an unusual extract. In some places four or five pages can go by in that same manner.

Overall,this feels slow, dull and never lives up to the heights set by the cover art. A real shame.

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