Rusty the Squeaky Robot – Neil Clark

RustyThis is a fun, quick read which is brightly coloured and lovingly illustrated.

The depth to be found in this book is in its celebration of what makes us all unique. Rusty doesn’t like the way he sounds but he comes to realise how great the little things that make us all different can be. This is an obvious and nice teaching point. I’d recommend using this book with children in KS1 or early years. I can already think of a few children I have taught in the past who would have loved reading about a robot in space if nothing else!

A real bonus here is the use of geometric shapes in the illustrations. This book could lend itself to crossing over into the teaching of shape in mathematics lessons as well. This use adds to he usefulness of the book and the style suits the characters perfectly.

A solid book for ages 4-7.

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