Argyle Fox – Marie Letourneau (ARC – due to be published 14.3.17)

ArgyleFox_Cover_high-minI love the illustrations in this book. It helps that I love foxes (how could anyone not?) but they are also so detailed and filled with little treasures for children to find when they’re reading.

This is a short book, but it is long enough that it would suit being adapted for Talk for Writing style work with a class. In fact, I think I might use it for just that with my year 1 class next year.

The story is quite repetitive but without being too dull. This makes it perfect for young children to join in with and edit/adapt to make it their own.

What I liked about this book was that I could instantly see how I could use it in class. It focuses on windy weather conditions and specifically on playing games in the wind. Instantly I could see lessons based around science (materials/habitats), maths (measurements/seasons/shape/counting), art/D&T (sketches, collages or even making our own kites!), story writing (TFW), and just about everything in between. Given the bright and lovely images throughout, this could make for some lovely displays too, now we’re really into teacher geekiness!

All in all, a solid 4 star book which could easily be adapted and used for Early Years or right the way through KS1.

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