Death Need Not Be Fatal – Malachy McCourt (due to be published 16.5.17)

download1Despite the rather weighty subject matter, I felt like I was able to speed through this book like it was a lighthearted and cheerful read.

I am not like Malachy McCourt, I do fear death. It sometimes becomes a bit of an obsession for me and it can even be terrifying. But in ‘Death Need Not Be Fatal’ McCourt succeeds in making even me feel a little more cheery about the least cheery of subjects. I mean, you could have this as a light holiday read, yet it’s about dying. It somehow feels like I could read this on the beach relaxing and raise the odd smile and laugh, but, it’s about dying! How unusual. I suppose that is what creates the book’s charm.

This is a quick, quirky, witty and decent read.

(based on ARC)

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