The Pearl Thief – Elizabeth Wein

cover106136-medium.pngI downloaded this book having honestly never heard of Elizabeth Wein. I’m not even sure what caused me to select this title in all honesty. I then proceeded to leave it in my ‘to-read’ section and more or less forgot all about it. I overlooked this and read many other books in the interim.

I regret that decision.

This book reminded me of so many ‘coming of age’ type books I remember reading myself as a kid. The setting and perhaps also the theme had me picturing ‘The 39 Steps’ and this is no bad thing.

I am stunned at how much I enjoyed this book. I haven’t even read it thinking about possible uses in class, I just got so caught up in the story of it.

I’ll consider class uses for it later, for now, I’m just happy to have been genuinely, pleasantly surprised by a book.

(Based on ARC)

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